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My Humboldt

Not every image displayed here is from Humboldt County California, but most of them are. Humboldt, on the north coast is located "behind the redwood curtain" and is home to a multitude of visual artists. Many painters, craftsmen, sculptors, printmakers and photographers ply their trade or simply enjoy their passion here.

The urge for those who live here is to advance the vision that is already provided for free.  Giant trees, wild terrain, unique architecture, constantly changing skies and an abundance of wildlife combine to create an unfair advantage to the artist.

I prefer outdoor photography without restriction to usual landscapes by searching for personality in objects, buildings or scenes. I enjoy pictures that provide an unusual viewpoint or meld together the past and present in a symbiotic way.

Many of these photos can be purchased as prints in different sizes. I make for sale only the ones that I know will print nicely and meet expectations. Please email me directly at to inquire about particular images.

I hope you enjoy my contribution....

Jon Exley

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